About us

from the founders

We could sit here and tell you all about our ‘Big T Traumas’ or our ‘Little t traumas” and what the differences are in the different kinds of traumas. We could sit here and talk about our accomplishments and accolades. Restaurants we’ve opened, products we have created, the dreams we have turned into realities, we could boast about ourselves like we are typing up a resume; all in the hopes of qualifying ourselves. But the reality of it is, this isn’t about us, it’s not even really about you, it is about us, it is about the work, it is about the ripple effects of what we put out into the universe. In summation, don’t take a couple boastful, self-serving, and egocentric paragraphs from someone’s website. Do your own research, and if you f*ck with it, cool. If you don’t, that’s cool too.

We firmly believe that the key to a fulfilling life isn’t in the car you drive, (We aren’t here to knock your passions, if you’re a car guy, be a car guy; we are referring to it as a means of compensation for crippling insecurity.) it’s not in the mansion you buy, the brands you wear, the amount in your bank account, the traumas you have integrated, cling to, or suppress. Simply put, the key to a fulfilling life is seeing your enemies driven before you and hearing the lamentations of their women. Sorry. Conan The Barbarian is playing in the background. Where were we? Oh right! Best Kept Spirit!

We are not here to be your gurus or give you your answers. We are not here to tell you what to do or which life path you should take. We are not here to tell you if you should ask the person you’re dating to marry you. We are not here to tell you if you should get a divorce. We are not here to tell you if you should apply to grad school. We are not here to tell you if you should start the business. Most of all we aren’t here to sell you a goddamn thing. We are here to give you a fresh set of eyes. We are here to expand our perspectives. We are here to help remove the clutter. We are here to help you find blindspots. You do not need to be fixed. You are not broken. You are not lost.

Everything is already inside of you. More often than not it has been buried under trauma, false narratives, inner-child programing, and more. Let’s bring the you that serves you, to the surface and in the driver’s seat. God created you with infinite love and infinite power. Your Best Kept Spirit(TM) You are created in your creator’s image, and that unifying image is a non-transactional love. A love for yourself, the journey, and others that gives you all the answers you need. If you allow it to. We are firm believers in your ability to manifest (you’re doing it right now), but how do you manifest what you actually desire? How do you get clear on what you actually desire? The answer is simple…

First off there is no such thing as free, especially in matters of the spirit. You have to sacrifice, you have to offer a penance for manifesting your divine life. This may sound daunting or even ominous, but don’t worry, the tribute isn’t your first born or a million dollars, it is two simple things:
1 That which no longer serves you.
2 The obstacles that you place in between yourself, and what is truly meant for you.
It’s really that simple. Anyone who tells you otherwise is merely trying to sell you something.

Best Kept Spirit is a movement dedicated to stripping away that which no longer serves you. The understanding that we are inherently worthy, that everything we need already resides in us, and we just need to let it out. Now that is easier said than done; because more often than not, it has been buried. Buried beneath traumas, programming, fear, and comparison. Another term for all of this is misunderstood or false narratives. False narratives that we feel we have to cling to for what we feel is protection. Little do we know they are protecting us, they are starving us out. They are eating our lunch. Let’s drop them. Little by little let’s chisel at them until what remains is your BEST KEPT SPIRIT. The real you underneath it all. In a world where image and falsehoods are becoming more and more prevalent; authenticity will always be the highest form of currency.

But what if I don’t want to share that BEST KEPT SPIRIT, what if it gets hurt? I know, I know… I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, and I’m not saying it isn’t scary, but hear me out… What if we took a stab at authenticity together? A strength in numbers sort of thing. We have all seen the herd move together away from authenticity, what if we deviated? What if we make it the norm? The grass is much greener on the authenticity side, it’s typically just lonely being on that grass by yourself. Conformity is an autopilot that only flies to destinations that are not meant for us.

This can be unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling career paths, and friendships that don’t encourage your growth. However, once we reprogram the autopilot to authenticity, the GPS is always taking us to what serves us; regardless of the flight, the climate, or the destination- where we end up is where we are meant to be.

So if you’re ready to turn off the autopilot and step into abundance, alignment, and authenticity, with the broskis, then heed our call. If you’re ready to discover and share your BEST KEPT SPIRIT with yourself, your children, your significant other, the world, then heed our call. If you’re ready to be part of a like minded family committed to spreading light and love in a dark world that so desperately needs it, then heed our call.

The party has started and we are waiting for you. We already got the guac, please pick up some fuckin’ chips on the way. Maybe a piñata. That’s it. Oh I guess we are out of wings. Would it be Gucci if you picked some up? Lemon pepper or traditional is all we allow. Sorry. We are inclusive, but if you bring some sugary teriyaki bullshit, we will have to rescind your membership.

- Jose & Skyler