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Best Kept Spirit is a movement dedicated to personal and spiritual growth, focusing on shedding limiting beliefs and narratives to reveal and embrace one's authentic self. We emphasize inner transformation, authenticity, and the power of community in fostering holistic well-being.

Jose &

We believe true fulfillment in life goes beyond material possessions or achievements. Our approach is not about being gurus or fixing what's not broken, but about providing fresh perspectives and helping to identify blind spots.

Our focus is on unlocking the immense potential within each individual, often buried under trauma and societal programming. We strive to help bring out the best in everyone, aligning with the love and power with which they were created.

The essence of Best Kept Spirit lies in shedding what no longer serves you and embracing one's inherent worth. We aim to dismantle false narratives and fears, promoting a journey towards authenticity and true self-discovery.

Pleasant Grove, Utah
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Jose and Skylar's journey is more than just personal achievements or traumas; it's about the impact we collectively create in the universe.


Join us for in-person events where we learn about becoming our best selves, removing limitations, and getting more out of life.